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Turner Industries Successfully Completes Sitewide SIPA Transition at Shell Geismar


Turner Industries successfully completed a sitewide SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement) transition at the Shell Geismar facility. The transition included the seamless integration of over 120 additional employees, expanding Turner’s on-site presence to just under 300 skilled professionals. The SIPA services are being delivered across various work streams including maintenance, capital projects, and turnarounds.

The consolidation effort at the Geismar site is another testament to Turner’s ability to provide a “One Solution” approach for our clients.

“As part of our commitment to operational excellence, we are excited to introduce the ‘Scaffold Tracking Application’ to the Geismar site. The scaffold tracking app is part of Turner’s proprietary tablet applications and is designed to empower our craftspeople and leadership teams to perform at a higher level of efficiency, eliminating redundant data entry tasks. This digital transformation effort enables us to effectively manage operations and reduce overall costs,” said Turner Site Manager Andy McKinney.

Transition QUick FACTS

  • Services added: Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement (SIPA)
  • Complete paint program including TSA and inspections
  • Complete insulation and abatement program including metal works
  • Employees added: 120+
  • 100K+ scaffold components delivered to the site in two weeks
  • 100% metal scaffold components (no wood)
  • 100% digitalization (JSAs, timesheets, audits, billing, KPI dashboard, scaffold tracking system, GPS locations on standing scaffolds, etc.)

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