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Turner Industries and Shell Collaborate to Execute Flare Drum Replacement

Earlier this year, Shell Norco faced the challenge of temporarily replacing a flare drum. Fortunately, the ideal solution was found at the preservation-mode Shell Convent site, which possessed a flare drum that met the required specifications.

Between January 15th and 17th, Turner Industries’ Crane, Rigging, and Specialized Transportation Division swiftly sprang into action. They expertly removed the flare drum from Shell Convent and transported it to Shell Norco, where it was offloaded for repurposing—all within a remarkable three-day timeframe.

Turner Site Manager Mickey Kent praised the flawless execution of the 90,000-pound drum lift and transport, attributing the success to the excellent teamwork between Turner’s specialized division and the onsite teams at both Shell Convent and Shell Norco. This seamless collaboration resulted in the completion of the project without incidents, reflecting Turner Industries’ commitment to delivering efficient and safe solutions.

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